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January 31, 2021 P3PE had the great opportunity of being interviewed by Grant Parr who owns www.gamefaceperformance.com. Grant is a sports psychologist who interviews athletes, coaches, and major corporations all over the world discussing "the 90% MENTAL" of the game!

P3PE Interview with Andie Summers on her morning show at 92.5 XTU: Cassandra Cunningham wants to keep you moving while at home!

Enjoy listening for a 40' interview with my good friend Alison Ferguson who was in charge of Team Patagonia for over 20 years. Listen to Alison's interviews with Empowering Women Through Sports!

P3PE Teachers Present:

P3PE Fitness Training:

“Cassandra Cunningham is not only a trainer to me but a life mentor. Even after a short time of knowing her, I knew that she would be a very important part of my life. Over the past few years,she has inspired me to always reach for my goals and never give up. She always pushed me to do my best and helped me thrive in my life. I continue to apply the lessons that she thought me in my daily life today. She is devoted to taking the time to understand your goals, dreams, and aspirations, dedicated to your success, and finding new ways to support you. She is a dynamic woman who by coming from her heart, has a unique insight and tremendous ability to connect with people where they really are at, inspiring them to move in a positive direction. She is always involved and fun, yet at the same time is on top of things. I had such a great experience with Cassandra, and I will always look up to her.”

-Kate Cassidy, 8th grade rower preparing for high school

P3PE Fitness Training:

“I had the absolute privilege of training under Coach Cass for two summers in a row on the US Junior National Team (2012 and 2013). When I first got to the camp, I thought I was way in over my head. But looking back, I realize that Cass saw me and knew my potential far before I ever recognized it. I've never had someone read me so well, and then push me beyond the limits I never even thought I could reach. After the first summer I returned to my home team faster and more driven than I had ever been, and with a confidence in myself that I carried through my Senior year and into the following summer and then onwards to Stanford, where I am still rowing today. "Prior Proper Planning" was a common theme the entire time I trained under Cass, and it taught me to be accountable for every element of my life, of anything that could possibly affect me. From food, to fitness, to balancing schoolwork with training or any other outrageous variables that could come my way, I know what it takes for me to be prepared and be the best version of myself when it counts. I can't think of a moment in my rowing that isn't touched by Cass and her passionate approach to the sport and to life, and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time around her.”

-Christine Cavallo,
'17 Stanford University (2012 Junior Women's 2- silver Medalist, 2013 Junior Women's 2- 2014 U23 Women's Lightweight 4x)


P3PE Fitness Training:
“In the summer of 2019, I participated in the P3PE high school summer program and absolutely loved it. I had try-outs for the UConn Rowing team in September and went in feeling fit and confident. I have never been a strong runner, but I learned great techniques through P3 to be able to run for longer than I have ever been able to. Not only did my long-distance endurance improve dramatically, but I was also able to PR on my 2k at the end of the summer. This program prepared me in all aspects of my fitness for college athletics. I’m now a freshman on a division 1 Rowing team, and I am grateful for the effort P3 put into helping me get to where I am today.”

-P3 Client, EG

Professional Development:

“Working with coach Cunningham was a great experience for the Chicago Rowing Foundation. I would highly recommend her services to any team in the country. She is a gifted teacher and will bring speed to your crews and your coaching staff in just a few days of work. Also, her intricate knowledge of the college recruiting process was extremely beneficial to our athletes, parents and staff. I much prefer Prior Proper Planning to a coaching clinic. While both are informative and helpful, working with Coach Cunningham will be specifically geared toward improving your program as opposed to overall general knowledge provided by a clinic. I encourage you to give Prior Proper Planning a try. You won't be disappointed. We will certainly be hiring Coach Cunningham again at CRF.”

Mike Wallin-Director and Varsity Women’s Coach of Chicago Rowing Foundation

Professional Development:

"I've known Coach Cunningham for most of her career in coaching, ranging from her tenure as the head coach at Serra High School through the years we worked together as members of the U.S. Junior National Team coaching staff and her time as the recruiting coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania. Her enthusiasm, ability to communicate, attention to detail and tireless work ethic are all top shelf, but what really sets Coach Cunningham apart in my mind, and the reason I believe she's had so much success, is her honesty, her humor, and her love for her athletes; she wants above all to see them succeed, grow, and flourish, both in and out of the boat. There is no higher calling than that. "

-Zohar Abramovitz

Head Coach Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing
'13-'15 World Development Coach

P3PE High School College Process Testimonials:

“I approached Power of 3, LLC and Cassandra Cunningham at the end of my junior year, with the hopes of rowing at the collegiate level. Basically, I was decent for a high school rower but not ready for college-level performance. I also had no idea where I wanted to go. Through monthly virtual one-on-one sessions, I was able to improve my 2k time and identify a college that would be a good fit academically, socially, and as a rower. Cassandra helped me set my goals, prepared a personalized training, plan which shaved 20 seconds off my 2k time, and she helped me through the process of reaching out to coaches of different, helping me write emails, and basically helping me get their attention. By staying consistent through my workouts with the goal of getting faster in mind, I learned a lot about how far I could push myself. This not only strengthened my body but my mind as well. I was accountable to Cassandra, but I was the one responsible for doing the work. I ultimately signed with Temple University, and it is the perfect fit for me! Cassandra isn't afraid to tell you the truth and will work with you to get your desired results. Not only is she a great coach but she's an awesome friend. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to improve themselves.”

-P3 Client

P3PE High School College Process Testimonials:

“As parents of a club/high school rower that was looking to continue rowing in college, Cass was instrumental in guiding our son through the recruiting process (which can get quite confusing). She always had our son's best interest in mind, even when her opinion differed from ours. She provided our son with direction but held him accountable for putting in the work. Her involvement in the process was also extremely beneficial to our home dynamic, as our son looked to Cass as both coach and mentor. We consider Cass a friend and we look forward to seeing her at future regattas.”

-P3 Parents