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  • College-Selection Counseling for Student-Athletes
  • Professional Development for High School Coaches—Coaching the Coach
  • Personal Training
  • Group Fitness and Indoor Rowing Classes
  • and more…

P3PE Motto

Prior Proper Planning prevents poor performance. This mindset underscores the importance of communication, organization, and professionalism.

P3PE’s home is called the Barn, which offers state-of-the art fitness equipment and technology to facilitate classes, clinics, and seminars. P3PE’s Barn is also known as the Schoolhouse because it is dedicated to physical education.



P3PE is driven by the belief that everyone can benefit from athletic pursuits. Our impact extends beyond building strength and improving cardiovascular capacity: P3PE shapes your identity as an athlete, helping you embrace fitness as a lifestyle and enlist prior proper planning in all aspects of life.


P3PE cultivates a supportive atmosphere for athletes, teachers, and coaches to learn about training approaches – and about themselves.


P3PE supports individuals of every age and at every stage of life and experience. We also provide a consistent training facility for programs that do not have a dedicated home, including high schools, Dragon Boat Clubs, Community Rowing Programs, and guest lecturers/specialized presenters.

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Overview of P3PE Programs


College Selection Counseling for Student-Athletes

My aim is to help you create a plan to select a college that is the right fit for you, both academically and athletically. With extensive experience as a college selection counselor, Ivy League crew recruiter, rowing coach on the high school/junior, college, and national team levels, and U.S. National Rowing Team athlete, I will help you design an individualized, step-by-step college selection plan.

My approach includes counseling you on setting goals and learning about:
•Questions to ask during the college selection process and effective communication approaches
•Focusing on right fit for you.
•Why do you need athletics?
•Finding balance academically, athletically, and socially
•Understanding the transition –and expectations—from high school to college rowing programs

Now in my 8th year at P3PE, I’ve guided more than 110 student athletes on their paths to college. Please reach out to Cassandra Cunningham at (650) 278-0307 or [email protected]


One-to-One Mentoring for the High School Student-Athlete on the College Selection Process

"Finding the Right Balance in College as a Student-Athlete"
$200 per session • FaceTime/Zoom



Live or Virtual Presentation for Parents, Athletes, and Coaches

"Simple Steps to Navigate College Selection for Student-Athletes"
$500 - In Person (fee includes travel)
$250 - Virtual

Professional Development for High School Coaches— Coaching the Coach

As a guest coach, I work with you at your program. P3PE coaching clinics offer guidance to strengthen your coaching skills and program. My approach and services include:

•Observing and learning about your program from the launch and/or on land and continue with a Q & A to gain more insight and perspective.
•Video Analysis: Teaching Technique and Skill Breakdown on Water and Land
•Developing Effective Training Plans •Incorporating Proper Communication Skills with Athletes
•If required, recommend a series of professional development clinics/sessions, which allow for an effective feedback loop and assessment
•Tutorials on the college selection process targeted to athletes and parents.


"Helping coaches develop skills to elevate athlete and program excellence”

$250 per session (fee includes travel)

 Of Interest

Parents and caregivers—here are some tips for you to help your teen find a path to a balanced, healthy approach to life: https://usatodayhss.com/2019/how-the-pressure-to-be-perfect-affects-kids-and-what-parents-can-do-about-it

Read more about Cassandra’s training approach in a Row2k.com article here: https://www.row2k.com/features/6082/cross-training--part-2--on-workouts--lifting--and-helpful-partnerships/

Important Note

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Clear communication and expectations are the foundation to success—before we meet, I look forward to a telephone conversation with you to discuss your goals and how I can help you achieve them.

Group Fitness and Indoor Rowing Classes

In-person (in the Barn) and Virtual Classes

In Person $15
Virtual: $10

P3PE also offers:
•Drop-in erg, bike, and/or weight lifting
•Rental space for training (class or personal)
•Special event rental space

For information, please contact Cassandra Cunningham at (650) 278-0307 or [email protected]



Personal Training

Fitness Training / *Rowing
$100 per session 1x / week
$85 per session 2x / week
$75 per session 3x / week

Sessions 60 Minutes
*Indoor and Outdoor

Group Training

3 or more is considered a group session The price listed is per person
$50 per session 1x / week
$40 per session 2x / week
$30 per session 3x / week

Sessions 70 minutes
Discounts apply if the class participants increase to 5+

Discount Package for Personal Training

8 sessions - $575
Sessions 60 minutes
Packages must be paid in full before the first session.

Discount Package for Group Sessions

10 sessions - $175 for 3 or more
10 sessions - $150 for 5 or more
Sessions 60 minutes
Packages must be paid in full before the first session.


Paying It Forward

If you recommend a friend, you EARN two free sessions.

Important Policy Messages

Please call or email me if you are confronting financial hardship. I do offer scaled prices.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Cancellations/Rescheduling must happen within 24 hours of scheduled session time. Exceptions are family emergencies or unexpected illnesses. Failure to cancel within 24 hours will be charged half of the hourly fee.